Harvest Patch eliminates hard physical labor…puts fun and pride into gardening.

You can find them everywhere, on a patio, near a home, at hospitals, schools, nursing homes. Container gardening with the Harvest Patch has been tested for over 10 years to develop the most functional designs and practical construction materials.

Harvest Patch has been designed for everyone from young adults and their parents, to the elderly and those with physical limitation.

These waist-high patio garden containers are built for all types of gardeners in mind. No more stooping, kneeling or extensive weeding…not with a Harvest Patch Garden… Nossirr!

The Harvest Patch thrives in all kinds of locations like patio balconies, sun rooms and nearly any place in the spacious outdoors. It’s a fact, too, that all who have planted a Harvest Patch Gardening point with pride to the results.